Ultrafast automation - Response time: 1 μs

Simple Standardized Inexpensive

With reACTION Technology, programs developed in the Function Block Diagram Editor are executed directly on I/O modules from the X20 and X67 series. By eliminating data transmission, this reduces response times to as low as 1 microsecond.

reACTION Technology

reACTION Technology

With reACTION Technology, time-critical subprocesses are executed directly on the I/O module, which removes these limiting factors from the response time equation. The program is executed on decentralized devices, but the software itself remains centralized. Programming is as easy as with conventional control solutions.

  • Ultrafast I/O responses
  • For both low-end and high-end systems
  • Fully integrated
  • Open IEC 61131 technology
  • Centralized software management
  • Decentralized program execution
Conventional approach

Conventional approach

In a conventional control solution, each I/O signal must be sent over the network to the central controller, where it is processed and then returned to the I/O module. Response times are therefore heavily influenced by network performance, the number of nodes on the network, controller performance and the load on the controller.

    Response time depends on:
  • Network performance
  • Number of nodes in the network
  • Network traffic
  • CPU performance
  • CPU load

Your bonus package

Virtually every industry has certain processes where timing is especially critical, and where precise execution is essential to both product quality and production output. Traditionally, the microsecond response times demanded by these processes have required complex, dedicated solutions – with an exorbitant price tag to match.

That's over now: B&R's reACTION Technology now brings response times down to one microsecond – simply and inexpensively – using standard hardware and software components.

reACTION Technology is available in both X20 and X67 I/O modules
Standard hardware and software

Standard hardware and software

reACTION Technology is based entirely on standard I/O and control modules from B&R's X20 and X67 series. When it comes to integrating hardware, there is no difference between standard modules and reACTION modules. This concept also applies to programming: Applications featuring reACTION Technology are developed in the familiar Automation Studio environment, so developers with prior experience working with Automation Studio can implement reACTION solutions with no additional training.

Ultrafast and inexpensive

Ultrafast and inexpensive

Priced only slightly higher than B&R's standard I/O modules, reACTION modules bring ultrafast automation to a much broader range of machines than ever before. Improved output and quality are no longer unaffordable luxuries.

The reACTION module handles a portion of the processing, relieving both the controller and the network and in many cases allowing them to be scaled down. In most cases, the resulting savings more than outweigh the added cost of the reACTION modules.

IEC 61131 & modular development

IEC 61131 & modular development

An extensive library of IEC 61131 function blocks is available in the standard Function Block Diagram editor. Modular software engineering dramatically accelerates development projects.


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