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エネルギー産業は、より再生可能なエネルギー資源への移行が進み、生産、輸送、流通、貯蔵などに新たなテクノロジーを必要とする中で、大きな課題に直面しています。 エネルギー産業の目的の核心は、確実に供給を行いつつ、消費者に競争力のあるエネルギー価格を提供することです。


Innovative technologies and products for the energy industry

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  • Robust control platform
  • Full redundancy
  • Groundbreaking safety technology
  • Open interfaces and telecontrol protocols
  • 2/3 shorter development time with mapp
  • Data management and O&M

Mastering the energy transition

With forecasts predicting at least a 20% increase in energy prices by 2020, improving energy efficiency will be an effective way to control costs in addition to securing a competitive edge. With APROL EnMon, B&R offers a solution to measure, log and evaluate all relevant energy consumption.



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