Engineering Sample Regulations

The use of B&R Engineering Samples is only allowed with a mutual signed Engineering Sample Agreement (Agreement on Transfer and Use of Engineering Samples). The agreements could slightly differ from country to country due to different local legal regulations. The main information, regulations and restrictions in the agreements remain the same, without exceptions:

(1) The Customer explicitly acknowledges

  • testing and documentation of the Engineering Samples are not yet completed;
  • in particular, assessment and inspections of the Engineering Samples, which are necessary for functional safety, any certification and similar requirements, have not been fully completed yet;
  • the Engineering Samples are similar with and treated as prototypes;
  • B&R cannot exclude that the Engineering Samples may have defects and/or may only provide limited operation;
  • the Engineering Samples are not compliant with performing safety-related functions, in particular in accordance with the standards EN 13849, EN 62061, IEC 61511 or with any other functional safety related standards;
  • the Engineering Samples are not suitable for usage in series production machines;
  • the Engineering Samples are only intended for testing and validation purposes;
  • Customer must implement reasonable additional measures to ensure safety requirements are met in accordance with applicable safety regulations, such as the EU Machinery Directive and any other legal provisions.

(2) Engineering Samples must not be handed over to any third parties in whole or in part without explicit prior written consent of B&R.


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