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Panel PC 2100 multi-touch


Maximum performance comes in very small packages

With an ultracompact housing that corresponds to the dimensions of a Smart Display Link receiver, the Panel PC 2100 is an extremely powerful PC system that can handle virtually any application. The control cabinet variant of the Automation PC 2100 also provides a complete PC system with minimized dimensions.

Multitouch Panels

Multi-touch panels - Optimal usability

Multi-touch panels open up new dimensions for innovative HMI design. There are numerous gestures that might be used in an application: zooming in and out and rotating objects with two fingers, scrolling through lists and switching to the next screen with a quick swipe. The main advantage of multi-touch technology is how it makes operation more intuitive. At the same time, two-hand gestures for critical or potentially dangerous operations provide an effective way of preventing unintentional operator errors. Multi-touch displays are supported by the operating systems Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Professional, Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate and Windows Embedded Standard 7 Premium.


  • Components and Modules

Versatile panel technology

The second generation of Automation Panels also serves as the technical basis for B&R's Panel PC devices. This modular platform strategy results in a product portfolio with extraordinary flexibility.

The core component is the panel itself, which is transformed into an Automation Panel by adding a modular Smart Display Link receiver. Alternatively, using Smart Display Link 3 opens up additional possibilities for spanning longer distances and even easier cabling. Adding a PC unit turns the same panel into a full-fledged Panel PC with scalable processing performance. Using the same front-side platform reduces the amount of warehouse space required for replacement parts. Custom variants using Automation Panels and Panel PCs require only a single base unit.


  • Projected capacitive multi-touch screen
  • Displays from 15.6" HD to 24" Full HD
  • Anti-glare glass
  • Excellent gliding properties
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • Easy to clean
  • Gloved operation possible
  • Slim design
  • Display size
    Touch screen
    Function keys
    System keys
    Front USB interface
    Projected capacitive
    Projected capacitive
    Full HD
    Projected capacitive
    Full HD
    Projected capacitive

This innovative PC design is based on Intel Bay Trail architecture, whose single-, dual- and quad-core processor technology represents a milestone for embedded systems – all while offering an optimal price/performance ratio.

Communication in all directions

The Panel PC 2100 integrates all important interfaces, including 2x gigabit Ethernet as well as 1x USB 2.0 and 1x USB 3.0. Interface modules can also be added to take advantage of fieldbus technology such as POWERLINK and CAN. For data storage, MLC-based CFast cards are available that can store up to 60 GB or more.

Maximum flexibility

All 2nd generation Automation Panels – whether single- or multi-touch – can be transformed into a complete PC system with the Panel PC 2100. Since the Panel PC 2100 is no larger than the Smart Display Link receiver, it does not increase the system's physical depth. Connecting cables to the Ethernet and fieldbus interfaces is also extremely user-friendly since they are all accessible on one side of the Panel PC 2100.

Maximum graphics performance

The graphics engine used by Intel Atom processors is derived from Core i technology and provides powerful processing. This is also the first time that support for DirectX 11 is provided in this segment, opening up even more possibilities for enhanced graphic capabilities in SCADA and other HMI systems. All resolutions and screen sizes up to 24.0" Full HD are supported.


  • Intel Atom E3800 processors
  • Up to quad-core CPU performance
  • Extremely powerful graphics
  • Compact dimensions
  • 2x gigabit Ethernet
  • Fanless
PPC2100 - Interfaces
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