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Would you like to automate your plant and machines more efficiently? Then look no further for your perfect partner. B&R offers automation solutions specially suited to the challenges of the plastics industry.

We can look back on several long-term partnerships in the plastics industry. This success was always accompanied by innovative solutions that allowed our customers to stay ahead of the competition.

We work hand-in-hand with our customers to develop customized solutions based on our standard components. Because of the extraordinary scalability of our products, they can be easily tailored to your exact demands. Later upgrades to hardware and software alike are not just possible, they are also easy to implement.

B&R offers the entire spectrum of automation solutions – from control and HMI to drives, motors and safety technology. Discover today the innovative automation technology for the plastics industry that will secure your competitive edge for years to come.

Hot off the press

Reports, interviews and more on current topics regarding automation in the plastics industry.


An easier way to manage machine options

It's a situation everyone is only too familiar with. The customer would like to make a small upgrade to existing plant. How can you accomplish this without a lot of extra effort and digging around in the machine's core software? Find out more.


EUROMAP - Changing over to OPC UA TSN

EUROMAP 79, the future interface to be used for communication between injection molding machines, robotics and handling equipment, will be based on OPC UA TSN. What does this mean? Find out more about OPC UA TSN.


Develop 3 times faster

Meeting Industry 4.0 requirements, offering more flexible control concepts and developing everything faster – one of our customers talks about all of this and more in this interview.

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