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"Machine tools are the backbone of modern manufacturing. To meet smart factory requirements, they need state-of-the-art solutions for operation and communication. With B&R's innovative products and cutting-edge technology, you'll be equipped with the competitive advantage that makes all the difference."

Tomas Prchal, Global Technology Manager, Metal and Robotics

B&R‘s innovative mapp Technology allows machine tool manufacturers to develop their application software faster – and test it faster too – with mapp components providing extensive options for simulation and diagnostics.

The B&R system offers machine tool manufacturers an integrated, multi-channel system with control and CNC running on a shared processor. This allows the CNC system to read and write variables on the controller with exceptionally precise synchronization, as well as use them in standardand user-defined function blocks, making it easier to implement user-specific machine tool functions.

  • mapp technology for machine tools
  • Universal engineering tool for simulation, programming, testing and commissioning
  • Open for application-specific functions

Every machine has unique demands with respect to automation hardware and software. To equip each variant with an optimal solution, you need both cost-effective and high-performance options.

B&R offers a seamlessly coordinated product range that covers all performance classes. Customers can choose from a wide range of industrial PCs, operator panels and controllers. B&R drives can be perfectly dimensioned to meet the needs of a given application.

  • The right hardware platform for every application
  • Cost-effective, high-performance solutions
  • Hardware-independent software development

B&R‘s fully customizable HMI solutions make even the most complex machine tools efficient to operate. Both the display and operating elements can be tailored to create a custom solution that accentuates the unique qualities of your machine tool and helps build your brand.

With B&R‘s View HMI solution, you can give your machine tool a state-of-the-art web-based user interface even without special web design training. HMI pages can be viewed on a variety of devices, even providing user-specific content on each device.

Free selection of CNC syntax

B&R systems grant you maximum freedom in the selection of CNC syntax. From standardized DIN 66025 G-code to user specific commands, the possibilities for implementing a solution perfectly tailored to the needs of your machine tool are virtually infinite.

  • Standardized DIN 66025 G-codes allow easy integration of CAD/CAM systems
  • Free selection of syntax
  • Can even be used for existing third-party programs

OPC UA for seamless connectivity

Vertical and horizontal connectivity is a core component of the Industry 4.0 concept. OPC UA simplifies line integration and connects production management systems (SCADA, MES and ERP)to your machine tools.

B&R has tightly integrated OPC UA into its automation products.Any B&R controller can be operated as an OPC UA server or client.B&R is also continually implementing new PLCopen function blocks for OPC UA.

B&R offers the most advanced form of robotics integration – with robots seamlessly incorporated in the machine's control logic.

Whether it‘s a press brake, transfer machine or machining center, machines and robots share the same processor and the same memory. Robot and machine are fully synchronized with a jitter of less than one microsecond. The common DC bus for machine and robot drives enables maximum energy efficiency.

  • Maximum productivity through synchronization of robot and machine tool
  • Common DC bus for energy efficiency
  • Web-based diagnostics and remote maintenance

Handling and robotics

B&R's integrated safety technology makes it possible to design truly modular machinery and equipment.With POWERLINK, safety-related and standard machine modules can be combined in a single network.

B&R offers a complete PLCopen-compliant library of safety functions for mechanical, electrical and hydraulic press applications.

B&R's integrated safety technology complies with the applicable industrial safety standards: IEC 61508,IEC 62061 and ISO 13849.

  • Increased machine modularity
  • One safety application for many machine options
  • Streamlined mechanics and reduced machine footprint

By combining centralized acquisition of operating and process data with integrated condition monitoring, APROL offers the advantages of condition-based maintenance with minimal effort.

  • Prevent secondary damage through timely detection of primary damage
  • Increase machine uptime
  • Avoid unnecessary repair and replacement

APROL Solutions

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