Whether operation takes place intuitively via touch screen, function keys or a combination of the two, B&R control panels provide unbeatable ergonomic comfort. Brilliant displays with a wide viewing angle provide an outstanding overview of all machine and system states. Industry-specific solutions, e.g. for the foodstuffs industry, and even custom adaptations round off this extensive range of products. As with our industrial PCs, these devices are developed by B&R, ensuring the long-term availability that machines and systems require.

Industrial monitors

As Automation Panels, they are the perfect visualization devices for Box PCs or expanding Panel PCs. They are available in a wide variety of display sizes with a touch or Automation Panel multi-touch screen and/or input keys. Designs with IP65 protection are perfect for use in especially harsh environments.

Mobile panels

Ergonomic, light and extremely impact-resistant – these are the qualities of Mobile Panels that enable safe and simple on-site operation and monitoring. Display sizes 7.0" WSVGA and 10.1" WXGA are available.

Panel-based control

Control, motion control and HMI combined in a single device. That is what distinguishes the Power Panel C-Series. With its scalable performance range, the C-Series is equally suitable for simple conveyor belt systems or the most complex robotics and CNC applications. A wide range of display sizes with analog resistive touch screens are available.


Compact remote HMI devices without control functionality. Power Panel T-Series devices can be used either with the integrated web browser or as a VNC client. The mode is set easily using the device's internal configuration.

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