"From drill to fill – B&R is the right choice."

B&R has been working with prominent oil and gas companies for over 25 years. So far, more than 10,000 control systems have been installed in UPSTREAM, MIDSTREAM and DOWNSTREAM applications.

Challenges for the future

The most pressing challenges arise from the conflict between increasing demand and shrinking reserves. Mastering this balancing act calls for increased investment in more efficient extraction and handling technology, such as Gas to Power, so that decommissioned oil and gas fields can be reopened to utilize the remaining resources. The same goes for underutilized resources, including fields that were not previously economical to exploit such as oil sand, fractionation and deepwater drilling. The supply-demand conflict also increases the importance of storage, liquefaction of natural gas (LNG) and long-distance transport routes (e.g. oil depots, LNG plants and extended pipelines). Intensifying environmental regulations is also becoming an increasingly important factor.


B&R solutions are involved in every single step of the process – from extraction and production to transportation, storage and billing. That's why "From drill to fill – B&R is the right choice". B&R offers automation solutions ranging from the field and controller level (up to SIL3) to the DCS/SCADA/Batch level including connection to Level 2 systems (Dispatching/MES/MIS). B&R works with oil and gas companies both directly and indirectly – via authorized B&R partner companies with extensive industry know-how. As key accounts, our customers receive optimal support from our sales and applications teams in order to work out the best possible solutions.

End users are free to choose either B&R, SI or EPC as their supplier.


Our goal is to achieve integrated automation of all functions (as a "fully integrated asset") for hydrocarbon-based energy sources like gas, crude oil and distillates – regardless of whether they are used by industrial or private consumers.

All of the necessary information is available anywhere and at any time, which ensures that all processes are transparent and that requirements can be met efficiently. This information can help:

  • Increase system availability,
  • Optimize processes by evaluating effectiveness (key performance indicators),
  • Finding and eliminating capacity bottlenecks
  • Reducing costs by increasing energy efficiency and savings
  • Modernizing equipment during operation
  • Utilize water efficiently and cleanly,
  • Increase customer security through the use of gas, oil and refined product depots
  • Combine processes and power generation Increase system availability,

What does an ideal automation or DCS system look like? It needs to be robust, designed for extreme environmental conditions (-40° to +70°) and must ensure a high level of availability. It must also come from a manufacturer that fully comprehends the interfaces between the various technologies and offers solutions with ultimate scalability and a simple licensing policy.

It must be possible to easily implement local, decentralized and higher level structures in a single system. As part of our local service, we also offer on-site consulting, engineering and maintenance.

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