How can we help you today?

Satisfied customers and perfected solutions are our ultimate goal. Nevertheless, there may be times when support or consultation is needed. According to our support philosophy, it is important for support to then be provided quickly.

Directly to the support ticket

Support from B&R experts

Here you will receive comprehensive support for all technical inquiries – from basic support to complex issues – directly from our experts. Our service experts have the necessary expertise and industry know-how gained from practical experience. Even products and solutions that are no longer current are fully supported so the value of your investment is preserved in the long term.


What can I request?
  • Technical issues – Hardware/Software
  • Product inquiries
  • System support issues
What are the advantages of the Support Portal?
  • Support ticket at any time
  • Shortened resolution times for inquiries
  • Simple status query and email notification after each status change and when the request is closed
  • Asking questions about a support ticket
  • Service experts also answer queries
  • Additional information and file attachments can be included
How can I reach the support team?
How do I get login data for the Service Portal?
Who can benefit from support?
  • B&R customers and partners
  • Multiple users/roles are possible
How can I get more information about the support process?
What are the technical requirements for the Support Portal?
  • A standard Internet browser
  • Browser security settings: Please enable cookies

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