With the world's first machine vision solution to be seamlessly incorporated in the automation system, B&R takes integrated machine vision to a whole new level. The cameras, intelligent image processing algorithms and innovative lighting portfolio are an integral part of the B&R control system.

  • Highlights
  • Fully integrated in the automation system
  • Next-level usability
  • Synchronization with µs precision
  • Complete portfolio: cameras, lenses, lighting and software

At the heart of B&R's vision solution is a broad selection of intelligent camera technology. Options at the lower end will replace simple machine vision sensors, while the top of the range will harness the full potential of high-end smart cameras. For the entire portfolio of cameras, there are easy-to-configure machine vision functions for creating applications with minimal programming.

Intelligent lighting

Lighting elements are available integrated in the camera or as an external device and are synchronized with image capture. The ensures that even rapidly moving objects are perfectly illuminated with maximum precision and strobe intensity. With the strobe controller integrated directly into the lights, no additional hardware is required.

Object-specific requirements such as bright-field or dark-field illumination can be implemented through simple configuration. There is no need for error-prone manual settings with mounting screws.

Both the hardware and software of B&R's vision solution are fully integrated in the control system. This is the only way to achieve absolute precision and microsecond synchronization between all automation components – including machine vision. With only one engineering tool and one application to manage, controls engineers will now be able to implement many machine vision tasks on their own.

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