Modular drive system

The new drive generation from B&R provides a universal solution for automation tasks in machine manufacturing. A new milestone on the path to "Perfection in Automation".

Inverter modules (single-axis modules)
Inverter modules, SafeMOTION (single-axis modules)
Inverter modules (two-axis modules)
Inverter modules, SafeMOTION (two-axis modules)

ACOPOSmulti SafeMOTION inverter module

Existing B&R safety components – X20 SafeIO modules, SafeLOGIC controllers and the SafeDESIGNER toolset in Automation Studio – has been enhanced with the addition of ACOPOSmulti SafeMOTION inverter modules with integrated safety technology. All B&R "Integrated Safety Technology" products are optimized to work together. This results in highly effective integrated safety technology application solutions with maximum cost savings.
ACOPOSmulti SafeMOTION inverter modules are available for EnDat 2.2 and SinCos encoder systems.

Additional information

openSAFETY sets technical standards

Although there are many new approaches to safe fieldbus systems, most of them are restricted by proprietary standards and sluggish response times. The B&R safety system – including its ACOPOSmotor SafeMOTION modules – takes a different approach by implementing openSAFETY across the board. This approach allows integrated safety functions such as Safely Limited Speed to be activated directly over the network instead of having to wire these types of safety-related signals to the drive.

Information is collected directly from its source via safe digital inputs and outputs before being distributed to the respective sensors and actuators – in this case, the drive with integrated safety functions – via a safe CPU, the SafeLOGIC controller. Connecting over a POWERLINK network makes it easy to achieve the best possible communication between the SafeLOGIC controller and the standard controller for non safety-related program engineering.

Short cycle times

Cycle times of 800 µs are achieved on ACOPOSmulti SafeMOTION inverter modules while still satisfying SIL 3 requirements.

Modular, expandable system

Because not all drives and axes in a production machine are safety-related, ACOPOSmulti inverter modules are offered both with and without integrated safety functionality (SafeMOTION). This makes it possible to combine safe and non-safe axes in an application as needed.

Safety functions

The following EN 61800-5-2 safety functions are integrated in the drive through the use of ACOPOSmulti SafeMOTION inverter modules and because this component is implemented in the B&R safety system. Additionally, the Safe speed, Safe position and Safe machine options are also provided for the SafeLOGIC. This means that safety functions can be combined in an application as needed.


Safe state

Safe state

In safety-related systems, potentially dangerous situations are simply not permitted, even if an error occurs. This is ensured by a two-channel hardware and firmware structure as well as by the system architecture.
The failsafe principle is applied here. In the event of an error, torque and power are switched off on the drive.

Safe speed and Safe position

Safe speed and Safe position

If an EnDat 2.2 safety encoder or a SinCos encoder is installed in a system, then the SafeLOGIC controller can request the current speed and position of the motor encoder over the safe network and use that information as an input signal in the safe application. The signal achieves SIL 2 with an EnDat 2.2 safety encoder and max. SIL 3 with a SinCos encoder (depending on the encoder used) as defined in EN 61508.

Safe machine options

Safe machine options

The parameters for the SafeMOTION module are set in SafeDESIGNER and transferred to the SafeLOGIC controller together with the safety application. From there, they are transferred to the SafeMOTION module.

The safe machine options are available so the parameters can be configured without using SafeDESIGNER. This makes it possible to modify the parameters of the SafeMOTION module from the standard application. The safe machine options are transferred from the standard application to the SafeLOGIC controller and stored there permanently.


EnDat 2.2 safety encoders or SinCos measuring instruments are used to safely determine and evaluate the position or speed of the motor. Because they determine the position redundantly, they satisfy SIL 3 requirements (depending on the encoder used).

A measuring instrument list with the measuring instruments that have been tested and approved by B&R for ACOPOSmulti SafeMOTION Endat 2.2 / SinCos is also available in the Download section.

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