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Compact Operator Panel

PANELWARE compact terminals combined with B&R control systems are the ideal solution for space-saving machine visualization.


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Produktové čísloPopisPorovnání produktů ...

Remote visualization

PANELWARE operator panels can be placed right where status messages and operating data are displayed and where they are easily accessible for setting up the machine.

Compact operator panels

Compact panels are devices with minimum space requirements. These panels are equipped with keys and an alphanumeric LCD. They are controlled by the PLC using escape sequences.

Panel – Controller variations

PANELWARE controllers are standalone modules. The range of different graphic panels makes it possible to put together the perfect configuration for any particular application's demands.

Compact visualization and operation

PANELWARE operator panels are used in combination with a control system to automate small machines. The product series ranges from 4x20 character LCD devices up to graphics terminals with 160x80 pixels (16x40 characters). The terminal is programmed via the PLC.

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