Codian robot mechanics are synonymous with exceptional performance. The portfolio currently contains of more than 100 variants, including class-leading hygienic models, ideal for applications such as food and beverage and pharmaceutical packaging. Codian's open robot mechanics can be combined with any control platform and are used for precise pick-and-place tasks.

D2 Series

Designed for motion in a vertical and two-dimensional plane. The go-to configuration for really heavy loads.

  • Option for additional rotation axis
  • EOL packaging, carrier loading, product separation
  • Available in stainless steel
  • Payload up to 125 kg
  • Minimum space required

D2 open mechanics

D4 Series

Ideal for top-loading pick-and-place processes with moving conveyors on fast production lines.

  • Space-saving elevation
  • High-speed packaging and processing
  • 360° work envelope
  • Advanced functionality
  • Payload up to 35 kg

D4 open robot mechanics

D5 series

5thaxis controls gripper angle. Dual parallel axes for high quality in dynamic high-speed top loading.

  • ±90° tilt
  • Unscrambling, shelf-ready or produce packing
  • Versatile alternative
  • Payload up to 12 kg

D5 open robot mechanics

TD4 / TD5 Series

Two robots in the space of one. Maximum pick density for high pick rate in limited space.

  • Space optimized
  • Cosmetics packaging, assembly
  • Capability to overlap work areas
  • Options: rotation and/or tilt
  • Payload up to 12 kg

TD4 / TD5 open robot mechanics

HD / OS Series

Hygienic design and open structure robot mechanics for the food and beverage industry.

  • IP69K, corrosion resistant using FDA compliant materials
  • Encapsulated (HD) and open structure designs available
  • Primary food handling and packaging, chemical environments
  • Suitable for open food applications
  • Payload: HD up to 20 kg / OS up to 3 kg
  • OS: Featuring a smaller footprint

HD / OS open robot mechanics

Custom solutions for industry needs: Delta robot mechanics in action

D4 Series

D4 robot mechanics are ideal for top-loading pick-and-place processes where moving conveyors are used. The way these robots are built makes them very useful for fast production lines.

  • Space-saving elevation
  • 360° work envelope
  • Advanced functionality

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