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"As the dust settles on the digital media revolution, the printing industry is displaying its extraordinary capacity for innovation by emerging stronger than ever. While other industries spend much of their time discussing the implications of Industry 4.0, online print shops speed ahead as the undisputed front-runners in industrial implementation."

Thomas Rienessl, Head of Business Development Industries

"High Precision Motion Control is the key to getting perfect print quality on today's high-speed presses."

Dr. Engelbert Grünbacher, Team Leader - Motion Control Firmware Development

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Individualization and personalization

Trends toward increased individualization and personalization for targeted marketing campaigns are driving demands for shorter print runs and faster turnaround times.

Goals such as increased production flexibility, reduced downtime, minimized wastage and more efficient line integration can all be achieved much more easily with an integrated automation solution.

Maximum design flexibility:


Maximum productivity with high-precision motion control

The challenge at the heart of today's market is to achieve cost-effective and error-free production of short-run print jobs at reproducible high quality. B&R offers high-precision motion control and ready-made technology solutions:

    • Virtual sensing and model predictive control
    • Register control
    • Multi-zone tension control
    • Registration mark detection and processing
    • Compensation of motor cogging
    • Winding calculator

More operator safety

B&R's flexible safety technology makes it easy to implement safety solutions in accordance with EN 1010 and EN 13849.

  • Smaller safety distances for more compact machines
  • Response times 10x faster than conventional solutions
  • Production continues at reduced speed following safety event
  • Avoid costly machine downtime

Maximum availability

High production line availability is a key requirement in the printing industry.

  • Completely redundant automation system
  • Predictive maintenance based on condition monitoring
  • Intuitive diagnostic functions

With B&R as a global partner, your automation components are available where and when you need them.



New opportunities with innovative business models

The ability to offer license-protected software provides the technological foundation for new business models:

  • Licensed options handling in the machine software
  • 2 tamper-proof operating time counters
  • "Try before you buy" option


A modular design allows custom solutions to be built from a standardized set of machine modules.

B&R's dedication to this approach has resulted in a broad selection of distributed automation components including I/O modules, servo drives and motors as well as modular safety technology. The Automation Studio engineering environment provides advanced features for highly efficient software modularization.

Energy and resource efficiency

For today's print media production, optimum utilization of energy and resources is essential to profitability. ISO 50001 provides a global standard that applies to all industries.

B&R's portfolio comprises a broad spectrum of solutions that support the process ofcontinual improvement:

  • Energy measurement
  • Energy flow monitoring at machine/production level
  • Regenerative drive systems
  • Replacement of pneumatic components

Whether fully integrated or standalone, these solutions are easy to incorporate into the existing automation landscape at minimal risk.


Digitization is the key to providing individualized printed products

Automation systems from B&R fulfill all the requirements of modern digital production and allow you to:

  • Implement digital printing technology
  • Achieve a 100% digital workflow
  • Connect your production line to a worldwide communication network

Digital post-press technology allows custom finishing of individual printed items without the expensive buffers that are otherwise required. Implement a fully digital workflow by connecting machines with a real-time capable POWERLINK network.

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