Merging robotics and machine control into one unified architecture enables manufacturers to embrace the trend of mass customization and optimize their batch-size-one processes. Machine builders get their robots and machine control system from a single source. They need only one controller and one engineering system for development, diagnostics and maintenance. This lowers the threshold for those who want to implement robotics.


Unlock streamlined operations with fewer hardware components. The result: simplified maintenance, improved reliability and more scalable machine design.


Optimize space by seamlessly integrating robotics into the machine setup. The result: smaller footprint, more efficient layout and increased production capacity.


Get your robots and machine controllers from a single source. The result: lower costs, more efficient operations and increased profitability.

Machine-Centric Robotics is the definitive solution that seamlessly integrates machines and robotics to streamline processes, drive sustainability and ensure efficiency.

Let's build more flexible machines

Open robot mechanics

Synonomous with exceptional high speed, Codian robot mechanics offer unmatched performance gains and footprint optimization along with IP69K hygienic design options and impressive payload capacities. Without motors or controllers, they are compatible with a wide range of control platforms for seamless integration into any machine.

Open robot mechanics

Open software platform

B&R offers robot programming tools that require no programming knowledge. This significantly shortens development time and allows machine builders to respond more quickly to new production requirements. This flexibility ensures seamless transitions between tasks and product variants and enables quick responses to market changes.

Open software platform

JLS Automation – Adaptive top loader

Perfect interaction between machine and robot​

  • Full integration in machine control​
  • Allows immediate changeover of format ​
  • Real-time synchronization with vision, track, 6D​
  • Ready-to-use features like pick-and-place, tracking ​
  • Simplify the automation architecture​
  • One strong and competent engineering partner

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