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The VNC version specially adapted to B&R Industrial PCs

The B&R VNC Viewer is a version of the well-known remote administration software that has been adapted for B&R devices. This program can be used to remotely control another computer where VNC Server is running.

The viewer shows the screen contents of a remote computer (server) on a local computer (client) and can also send keyboard and mouse signals between them.

  • Special features of the B&R version
  • Auto-connect: Automatic connection to the last valid destination at startup
  • Auto-logon: Preset password for logging onto the server
  • Auto-reconnect: Automatic login to server on lost connection
  • "Background" mode for using the viewer as a Windows shell
  • Disconnect key: Closing the connection by pressing a certain key
  • Possible to define favorites for the connection
  • RFB protocol extension for transferring matrix keys and LEDs from B&R devices as well as executing additional functions, e.g. starting a process on the client from the server
  • Available for B&R devices with Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows CE

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