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Service & support


At B&R, support means more than helping you recover from equipment failure. It means offering solutions that are more flexible. Solutions that bring you better performance and higher availability. It means reducing your costs and building your competitive advantage. Put simply, it means making you more successful – long into the future.

Your partner from start to finish and beyond:

Design and development
B&R support begins with the first conceptual design and continues through all levels of mechatronic development, including fully customized solutions and products.

Choose from standard and customer-tailored training modules for all B&R hardware and software at the B&R Automation Academy.

Local end-user support
Our global network of local offices means qualified experts can be available on-site from commissioning to optimization and long-term support.

Our products themselves
B&R products are their own best support. With guaranteed long-term availability, industry-grade durability and fully scalable compatability, B&R makes products you can build your future on.

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