Increasingly strict regulatory requirements demand integrated control across the entire value chain – from the raw materials to the end of the line. Trends from the pharmaceutical market, such as track-and-trace systems, are making their way into food and beverage production as well. Highly automated analytics are needed to facilitate high-performance quality control even in high-speed lines.

B&R can help you meet these new challenges head on. Our solutions allow you to offer your customers more safety and more flexibility in their production lines.

B&R has the perfect solution for:

New equipment
Whether your goal is to capitalize on a market trend or comply with a new safety regulation, the modularity and scalability of B&R software make it easy to integrate new equipment into a production line – saving the cost and effort of the substantial software changes this would traditionally require.

Integrated vision inspection
Make maximum use of intelligent cameras for quality inspection. Automation Studio enables you to integrate machine vision into the overall automation system for maximum camera control.

Powerful image processing
B&R's Automation PC 910 quickly reads and processes quality control data and generates immediate responses to ensure that only high quality products are output and increase the overall efficiency of the line.

Marking and waste detection with microsecond precision
Extremely fast responses ensure high-performance detection of waste and errors, increasing overall equipment efficiency.

Food-grade components
Our washdown stainless steel products comply with food-grade standards to ensure maximum hygiene and allow for CIP cleaning. This includes the monitor, motors, I/O modules and other components.

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