Broad performance spectrum

The processors are based on Intel's latest Core-i generation. They can be scaled over a very wide range, from Celeron to Core i7. This allows the processing power to be adapted exactly as needed to the respective application.

All variants are fanless, so the Panel PC 3100 and features no rotating parts. This makes maintenance tasks like replacing air filters a thing of the past. The scalable memory options range from 4 to 32 GB.

Single-touch panels

For applications that need to be compatible with existing systems, 4:3 panels with analog resistive touch screens are also available. This makes it possible to upgrade to the latest PC platform while continuing to use HMI applications at their current resolution so that no software changes are required.

System units
Main memory
Mass storage options
Graphics options
Interface options
CFast cards
Uninterruptible power supplies
Operating systems


  • Analog resistive single-touch screen
  • Displays from 10.1" WXGA to 19" SXGA
  • Intel Core i processors
  • Compact dimensions
  • Numerous interfaces
  • Modular interface options
  • Fanless

Scalable Panel PCs

Whereas the Automation PC 3100 is designed to control remote panels, the Panel PC 3100 combines a PC and display into a single system. The PC unit can be combined with any panel-mount Automation Panel with a diagonal of 10.1" or larger.

Versatility through modularity

Panel PC 3100 devices offer a variety of modular interface options. Up to three slots can accommodate cards for serial interfaces, Ethernet, CAN and POWERLINK. The slots can also be used for a UPS solution or audio interfaces.
A PCIe/SATA interface provides an SDL4 graphics option in addition to the onboard SDL/DVI connector or a second POWERLINK managing node for data acquisition from two separate networks.

In addition to the industry standard slots for two data storage media in CFast format with up to 256 GB per data storage medium, it is also possible to use high-performance M.2 mass storage devices on the PPC3100. For even more performance or higher protection against failure, the CFast cards can also be operated as a RAID volume.

Future proof

B&R PC systems offer long-term availability with reliable updates well into the future. It is not necessary to make continuous adjustments to the PC hardware over time.

Energy efficient

Another advantage of the latest generation Core i-series and Atom technology is that it manages to significantly increase performance while lowering power consumption – delivering maximized energy efficiency and virtually eliminating the need for internal fans. As a result, the Panel PC 3100 relies entirely on passive cooling.

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