Sistema di azionamento modulare

La nuova generazione di azionamenti B&R fornisce una soluzione universale per qualsiasi task di automazione dedicato alla produzione di macchine. Una nuova pietra miliare sul cammino della "Perfection in Automation".

Filtri di linea passivi
Filtri di linea
Bobine di arresto di rigenerazione
Piastre di montaggio
Moduli di alimentazione passivi
Moduli di alimentazione
Moduli per alimentazione ausiliaria da 400 W
Moduli per alimentazione ausiliaria, 800 W
Auxiliary supply modules 2000W
Moduli inverter (moduli ad asse singolo)
Moduli inverter, SafeMC (moduli ad asse singolo)
Moduli inverter (moduli a due assi)
Moduli inverter, SafeMC (moduli a due assi)
Moduli di espansione
Moduli di condensatori
Resistenze di frenatura
Moduli plug-in
Cavi (utilizzabili in catene di accoppiamento di cavi)
Cavi (non utilizzabili in catene di accoppiamento di cavi)
Prolunghe dei cavi

The drive system for maximum customer benefits

In today's market, customers demand more than simply meeting technical requirements. Above all, customers require cost-effective solutions, investment security and a high degree of availability. ACOPOSmulti, the new drive generation from B&R, possesses these characteristics. It is the universal solution for all automation tasks in machine manufacturing. A new milestone on the path to "Perfection in Automation". The ACOPOSmulti generation offers the highest degree of efficiency for multi-axis machines that are commonly used in the plastics, packaging, print and textile industries.

Modular cooling design

The use of fans and cooling units in the control cabinet means considerably higher costs as well as additional maintenance expenses. ACOPOSmulti gives the designer the necessary space for conventional heat dissipation in the control cabinet, a feed-through cooler with IP65 protection for releasing heat outside the control cabinet and a cold plate variant for connecting to a cooling circulation system (water, oil).

Wall mounting

Feed-through mounting

Cold-plate mounting

ACOPOSmulti configurations

ACOPOSmulti drive systems include multiple technology-specific functions. The ACOPOSmulti functions listed below are basic functions that the user can switch between as needed within 400 μs. In addition, manipulations such as changes in product length, registration mark control, overlying torque control, brief process adaptations and quality checks can be carried out at any time.

  • Point-to-point movements
  • Electronic gears
  • Electronic differential gears
  • Cutting units
  • Electronic cam profiles
  • Flying saws
  • Line shafts
  • CNC

ACOPOSmulti servo drives can be used in various configurations depending on the requirements of the application. The functions listed above are available to the user in each of the topology examples shown.

Response times are not influenced by the network and control system being used if technology functions are processed directly on the ACOPOSmulti drive system. Additional sensors and actuators must be integrated in the control system for more complex processes. In these cases, the level of performance depends mostly on the control system being used.

The topology examples shown on the following pages provide an overview of some of the options that are possible with B&R automation components.

ACOPOSmulti drive systems in a POWERLINK network

High-performance machine architectures require flexible networks and fieldbuses. With POWERLINK, a network is available to the user that fully meets the high demands of dynamic motion systems. POWERLINK adapts to the requirements of the machine and the system. The rigid coupling of many axes with controllers, industrial PCs, I/O systems and operator panels allows machines and systems to be created with the highest level of precision. Compatibility to standard Ethernet also reduces the number of networks and fieldbuses at the machine level.

Successful areas of use for these topologies

  • Packaging industry
  • Handling technology
  • Plastics processing
  • Paper and printing
  • Textile industry
  • Wood industry
  • Metalworking industry
  • Semiconductor industry

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