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The existing B&R safety system, consisting of the X20 SafeIO modules, SafeLOGIC and the SafeDESIGNER toolset in Automation Studio, is enhanced with the addition of ACOPOSmulti inverter units with integrated safety technology (SafeMC). All B&R "Integrated Safety Technology" products are optimized to work together. This results in highly effective integrated safety technology application solutions with maximum cost savings.

openSAFETY sets technical standards

There are a number of new approaches to safe fieldbus systems that are heavily influenced by proprietary standards and long response times. A difference in the B&R Safety System and therefore also in the ACOPOSmulti inverter modules with SafeMC: This system is based on openSAFETY. The integrated safety functions such as "safely limited speed" can be activated directly via the network. Wiring these safety-related signals to the drive is now a thing of the past.

The information is collected from its source via safe digital inputs and outputs. The information is then distributed to respective sensors and actuators, the drive in this case, via a safe CPU, the SafeLOGIC controller with integrated safety functions. Connecting via POWERLINK results in the best possible SafeLOGIC communication connection to the standard controller for non-safety-related program creation without any additional work.

Short cycle times

Cycle times of 800 µs are achieved on the ACOPOSmulti inverter units with SafeMC while achieving Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3).

Modular, expandable system

Not all drives and axes in a production machine are safety-related. Therefore, the ACOPOSmulti inverter modules are offered both with and without integrated safety functions (SafeMC). This makes it possible to combine safe and non-safe axes in an application as needed.

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