What is OPC UA?

The ideal communication protocol for Industry 4.0

OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a vendor-independent communication protocol for industrial automation applications. It is based on the client-server principle and allows seamless communication from the individual sensors and actuators up to the ERP system or the cloud. The protocol is platform-independent and features built-in safety mechanisms. Since OPC UA is flexible and completely independent, it is regarded as the ideal communication protocol for the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Why should I choose OPC UA?

OPC UA bridges the gap between the IP-based world of IT and the production floor. Interfaces, gateways and the associated loss of information are a thing of the past because all production process data is transferred via a single protocol – within a machine, between machines or between a machine and a cloud database. OPC UA is eliminating the need for traditional factory-level fieldbus systems.

B&R has been relying on OPC UA for years and is an active member of various OPC Foundation working groups. Find out more about the solutions and products with OPC UA offered by B&R:

B&R products and technologies with OPC UA

  • Your advantages
  • International IEC standard
  • Vendor-independence
  • Safe and reliable
  • Platform-independence
  • From the sensor to the ERP system

TSN – Real-time capability for OPC UA?

When it comes to complex processes with real-time requirements, OPC UA previously had its limitations. Extensions to the Ethernet standard will soon remedy the situation, however. Find out more about the advantages of OPC UA TSN.

Source: OPC Foundation (https://www.youtube.com/user/TheOPCFoundation)

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