5 good reasons to choose integrated safety from B&R

Today's safety technology actively supports a machine's functionality while simultaneously safeguarding it against hazards. It adapts to changing configurations and works reliably anywhere in the world. No longer limited to a single machine, today's safety solutions span entire lines.

Individual configuration

The general approach taken with series-produced machinery is to equip it with a suite of customization options. This approach places special demands on the safety technology that can't be met by traditional safety solutions. Smart Safe Reaction from B&R makes machine options manageable without compromising the safety level.

Maximum productivity

To avoid the painfully high cost of stopping production, machinery needs to have availability designed in from the start. Intelligent safety technology plays a critical role in preventing downtime and production outages.

Safe line integration

The average production line is a conglomeration of machines from various vendors. With integrated, network-based safety technology from B&R, the entire line is able to react to safety events in a coordinated way. Safe communication is provided by the bus-independent safety standard openSAFETY.

Global installations

Network-based safety solutions from B&R are designed to be used anywhere in the world. Integrated diagnostic functions turn any smartphone into a highly effective troubleshooting instrument able to perform rapid and precisely targeted remote service. Across global markets, international certifications guarantee smooth implementation.

Ultimate scalability

SafeLOGIC and SafeLOGIC-X controllers give B&R safety technology the scalability it takes to create a cost-optimized solution for any application. Hardware components and software functions remain fully compatible, regardless of which safety controller is selected.

Advantages of B&R safety technology

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