Integrated motor-drive system

The ACOPOSmulti drive system was already considered very modular in the past. Taking the modularity of the system to the next level, you get are inverters that fuse with the motor and, as an ACOPOSmotor 8DI module, deliver power right where it is needed. Not only does this allow configurable modules to become easily connected mechatronic devices, it also frees up valuable floor space, reduces delivery times and simplifies commissioning.

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Compact and safe

ACOPOSmotor modules combine the following components in a single compact unit:

  • Servo drive including optional safety technology
  • Servo motor as an energy transducer
  • Built-in position sensor
  • Gearbox (optional)

The ACOPOSmotor module achieves maximum performance through the use of the latest technology in power components with minimal power dissipation as well as from the motor series optimized for this use case.

Available in three different sizes, the ACOPOSmotor modules cover a torque range of 1.2 to 10 Nm and a power range of 550 W to 2.3 kW. For applications that demand more power, an optional fan assembly can be added at any time to boost performance considerably.

Decentralized and flexible

In terms of topology, the ACOPOSmotor module is wired either as a simple line structure or as a tree structure. Node number assignment takes place automatically in the line structure. If the address must still be set, however, this can be done without opening the housing.

The connection to the drive system is made using a hybrid connector. This contains all of the power and signal lines needed to operate the ACOPOSmotor module as well as the POWERLINK network.

Highly effective IP65 protection allows ACOPOSmotor modules to be mounted directly on the machine. The control cabinet contains only the power supply modules, high-power inverter modules and the necessary electromechanical components. This makes it much easier to implement modular machine architectures and optional machine functions since they can be easily connected – with the requisite dimensioning of the power supply – to the machine's main line using hybrid cables.

The option of connecting X67 modules directly to ACOPOSmotor modules is also ideal for modular machine manufacturing. This opens the door to the implementation of machine modules as production units that can be completed and tested independently.

Integrated safety

In addition to the proven wired safety functions STO (Safe Torque Off) and SS1 (Safe Operational Stop 1), an optional network-based ACOPOSmotor module variant will also be available. This will allow users to also access the functions that have already been certified for ACOPOSmulti: STO, SOS, SS1, SS2, SLS, SMS, SLI and SDI. In this context, the resulting individual selection of safety functions is interesting. In contrast, the wired variant only allows grouped selection of the STO and SS1 safety functions.

Homogeneous and compatible

The ACOPOSmotor module provides the familiar functions of the ACOPOSmulti drive system and thus fits homogeneously into the drive solution.

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