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Secure Remote Maintenance - GateManager (software version), manages max. 10000 SiteManagers, 1x LinkManager and 1x LinkManager Mobile license included, service fee 0RMAS.SERVICE-01 must be paid separately.
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The B&R user's manual for Secure Remote Maintenance is available in the Downloads section. The following sections list associated documentation for this product.

GateManager Software - Server model 8250 - Installation STEP 0 - Preparing the LINUX installation

GateManager Software - Server model 8250 - Installation STEP 1 - GateManager installation on Linux

GateManager software - Server model 9250 - Installation STEP 1

GateManager software - Server model 9250 - Installation STEP 2 - for the GateManager server administrator

GateManager Hardware - Server model 4260 - Installation and Configuration Guide

Getting started GateManager 4260 guide

Enabling and working with usage statistics on GateManager

Getting started GateManager PREMIUM domain administration

Upgrade guide GateManager version 5.x to 5.x

B&R PLC and Automation Studio

Application Note SiteManager web proxy relay for voice and web traffic

Application note NTP server access via SiteManager

Application note working with SiteManager SMS and email alerts

Application note using SiteManager as a web proxy and/or mail relay server

Logging via SiteManager EasyTunnel client - deployment overview

Configuring SMS gateways on GateManager

Troubleshooting SiteManager to GateManager access via a corporate intranet

Remote access solution - security guidelines best practice

Setting up "Tunnel agent" on a SiteManager, aka "Auto subnet agent"

Using the custom > forwarding and routing (SCADA) agents on SiteManager

Adding additional services to an existing SiteManager agent (FTP and web)

TrustGate (EasyTunnelVPN) - Initial setup

LogTunnel deployment guide

Logging via SiteManager relay chains - deployment overview

Documentation Version (Date) Download
User's manual Secure Remote Maintenance PDF / 2 MB
Firmware Upgrades Version (Date) Download
GateManager Firmware 0RMGM.SW (8250) ZIP / 10 MB
GateManager Firmware 0RMGM.SW (9250) ZIP / 16 MB
General Version (Date) Download
GateManager Software für MS Hyper V (9250)) ZIP / 18 MB
GateManager software for VMWare - ESXI and player (9250) ZIP / 17 MB

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