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A global and innovative industry needs this type of partner

Rapid market growth and Moore's law are driving the electronics industry to continuously boost productivity while optimizing costs. With its commitment to innovation, premium quality, international standards and worldwide support, B&R is the perfect partner for the job.

Total cost of ownership

In a competitive market, the total cost of a system becomes an increasingly influential factor in the decision-making process. B&R guarantees substantial reductions in overall costs through increased system availability, optimized machine performance, uniform HMI operation, streamlined modular design, system-wide compatibility and a reliable worldwide support network. This is a partnership that pays off.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

In the semiconductor industry, the availability of systems and machines is an absolute necessity. Minimizing downtime is just as important as optimizing performance during uptime. B&R supports high availability by providing open interfaces and sophisticated, intuitive diagnostic functions as well as a global network of expert service and support.

The line solution

Today's electronics manufacturers have to deal with frequent product changeovers. Fully integrated, perfectly orchestrated hardware and software components allow lines to be converted in minutes. Faster changeovers and less downtime boost efficiency and productivity. Continuous communication between individual machines and to higher-level production planning and control systems guarantees seamless records and traceability of the entire process.

Maximum precision

Speed and precision are not mutually exclusive – B&R's high-performance control electronics with built-in intelligence control processes with microsecond precision. Real-time Ethernet POWERLINK is the foundation for perfectly synchronized interaction between individual sub-processes. POWERLINK also provides the ideal approach for future innovations and modular machine concepts.

Open system architecture

With this guiding principle and a completely open system structure, B&R is an ideal partner for companies who share its passion for innovation. In addition to the integration of highly sophisticated algorithms (programmed in C, for example), dynamic I/O configurations make it possible to use the same software on different hardware topologies.

Process security

Inline quality control, flexible product identification and product tracking are requirements for high-quality electronic components. Continued development guarantees that B&R meets the requirements of the industry and the market in this fast-paced industry.

Info Material

Wafer manufacturing
  • Control of the melting temperature
  • Clean room technology
  • Highest possible precision
  • Extremely smooth surfaces
  • High-speed platesetter setup
  • Etching process monitoring
  • Time-critical production steps
  • Non-stop parallel processing
Wafer doping
  • Vapor pressure and vacuum control
  • Ion beam control
  • Highly precise temperature control
  • Gas concentration control
Chemical-mechanical planarization
  • Polishing agent application control
  • Speed control
  • Highest possible precision
  • Extremely precise pressure control
Wafer mounting & die separation
  • Pick-and-place applications
  • Precise positioning
  • Direct drive units
  • Online positioning correction
  • Drive-based measurement system
Wire bonding
  • Real-time synchronization
  • High-speed movements
  • High-performance cam profiles
  • Shortest possible movement profiles
  • Direct force control using servo drives
  • Tracing and management
  • Integration of linear motors
  • High-speed vision integration for target position correction
  • Optimized movement profiles for high-speed placing
  • Force and position control
  • High-speed data acquisition and storage
  • Form protection via software
  • Fast changes between movement and force control
  • Movement profiles for optimal module processes
  • Bent lever compensation
IC test handler
  • Direct drives for turn tables without indexers
  • Optimized movement using cam profiles
  • GB-IP interface
  • Simple integration of measurement hardware
Laser marking
  • Synchronized movement sequences
  • Control of additional external devices
  • Product detection using trigger input
  • Online quality data acquisition
  • Customized product labels
Visual inspection
  • Synchronized movement sequences
  • Control of additional external devices
  • Product detection using trigger input
  • Online quality data acquisition
  • Customized product labels
Wafer manufacturing
  • Trigger positioning
  • Product tracing
  • Automatic format configuration
  • Consistent sealing times
Automatic placement machines
  • Movements optimized for short positioning times
  • Highest possible precision with a short settling time
  • High-speed data communication with subsystems
  • Precise placement of components for the highest quality
Soldering processes
  • Temperature zone control
  • Online temperature profile changes
  • Nitrogen atmosphere
  • RoHS
In-circuit testing
  • Various drive concepts available
  • Shortest possible settling times for stabilization
  • Optimal integration of measurement devices
  • Fast product changeovers
Assembly – Pick-and-place
  • Integration of various robot kinematics
  • Emphasis on shortest cycle times for highest throughput
  • Digitalized process control
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