Like our partners in the food and beverage industry, B&R is driven by a hunger for growth and a thirst for efficiency. Our full range of solutions offers the seamless integration and universal scalability you need to adapt quickly and grow effortlessly – key ingredients for intelligent, responsive production lines able to follow consumer trends, satisfy new regulations and tap emerging markets.

Whether you're looking to incorporate inline robotics and machine vision or implement supervisory control for an entire production facility with integrated energy and condition monitoring, B&R has the perfect solution for every challenge faced by OEMs and end users in the food and beverage industry – feeding your growth long into the future.

B&R has the perfect solution for:

Agile production: Scalability+
Today's food and beverage production requires an increasing variety of special-purpose machinery with flexible options. Scalability+ helps machine manufacturers meet demands for batch size 1 production as well as adapt machines to the requirements of regional producers – all while streamlining development and cutting maintenance costs.

Engineering, maintenance and service with a single tool: Automation Studio
Through its sustainable and efficient approach to software development, Automation software will help you keep quality up, engineering costs down and time-to-market short – even in the face of ever-increasing complexity.

Modular programming and ultra-fast software development: mapp technology
For the ultimate time-to-market advantage and minimized initial investment costs, turn to mapp Technology. With basic functionality handled by intelligently linked mapp components, your developers are free to focus on innovations that build your competitive edge.

Energy and condition monitoring and management: APROL EnMon and ConMon
Condition-based predictive maintenance with APROL ConMon helps you extend maintenance intervals and schedule required work for when it is most convenient – for maximum uptime and reduced maintenance costs. APROL EnMon gives you the power to control, manage and optimize your line's energy costs.

Resuming operation faster after maintenance: Central data storage
With all programming code stored automatically on the controller, there's no reprogramming to do after changes are made, so your machine is up and running again significantly faster.

High-speed line safety: openSAFETY
Increase the availability of production lines with flexible, intelligent reactions to safety events using network-based openSAFETY. The first open-source safety protocol, it is also the only one in the world that can transfer secure data via any fieldbus system.

Simplifying complex processes: Automation Studio & Simulink®
Reduce development time and optimize control performance with Automation Studio Target for Simulink. Test your software on virtual models without the risk and expense of actual hardware, then generate your PLC code at the push of a button.

Brownfield connectivity: the Orange Box

B&R's Orange Box is the smart upgrade your installed base. Collect and analyze performance data from brownfield installations and share it with other production lines and higher-level systems as envisioned by IoT and Industry 4.0.

  • Connectivity for all brownfield installations
  • No changes to existing software or equipment
  • Based on the B&R mapp Technology software framework
  • Uniform data aggregation throughout the plant

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