Ergonomic design

The mobile HMI terminal is designed to sit comfortably in either hand, ensuring both left and right-handed operators hours of fatigue-free use. The new reduced weight construction makes mobile operation and control safer and easier than ever.

Rugged design for industrial use

The demands placed on a handheld system like the Mobile Panel are of course higher than those for a mounted device. The Mobile Panel is designed to perform under these conditions. Its double-walled housing is specially shaped to absorb hard impacts. Operating elements like the key switch and stop button are recessed in the housing, and electrical components are positioned for optimal protection against external forces. The housing, cable and connectors offer protection against dust and sprayed water.

Control devices
Attachment cables
Control cabinet cables
Operating systems

Integrated safety functions

The mobile operator panel is equipped with a 3-position enable switch. During setup operation, it must be held in the middle position. In the event of a dangerous situation, whether the operator releases the enable switch or panics and presses it all the way in, the machine will reliably be brought to a safe state. All safety circuits are implemented redundantly.

  • Highlights
  • High-resolution display
  • Intuitive touch screen operation
  • Rugged construction
  • Reduced weight design
  • Easy operation
  • Custom overlay and operating elements

Simple and intuitive operation

The combination of integrated touch screen and function keys creates an optimal user interface. Frequently used functions can be assigned to hard-coded keys, while functions that vary with the state of the machine can be implemented as touch-screen buttons.

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