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Mobile automation


The demands placed on commercial vehicles have evolved dramatically over the years. With new functions being added all the time and requirements for operating efficiency and quality higher than ever, these vehicles need an automation system that is both powerful and scalable.

Our new mobile automation lineup gives you all the tools you need to build and defend your competitive edge as a technological leader in your market. With an innovation-driven technology partner at your side, your mobile equipment will stand out with best-in-class electronics and software.

Every aspect of the B&R automation system is designed for modular, concurrent engineering. This gets your products to market faster and allows you to react flexibly to new requirements and special requests. Decoupled hardware and software make it easy to switch out hardware components at any time. With B&R on board, you'll be satisfying your customers’ requirements faster than ever.


Mobile and outdoor applications

With the X90 mobile CPU system, B&R offers automation solutions designed specifically for the critical environmental conditions often present in commercial vehicle and outdoor applications.

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