In the dynamic environment of machine building and production lines, one challenge remains of central importance: achieving optimum efficiency and quality. Requirements are constantly evolving and competition is getting tougher – the need for solutions that can meet these challenges is growing. This is where the transformative power of robotics comes into play. Adding robots to machines and production lines is an effective way to significantly improve operational performance with increased productivity, flexibility and adaptability together with consistent high quality.Together, robotics and automation meet the complex demands of modern industry and pave the way for efficient and future-proof manufacturing processes.

Increase flexibility

The programmable nature of robots allows machine builders and operators to quickly adapt to changing production requirements. This agility ensures seamless transitions between tasks and product variants, enabling quick responses to market demands.

Boost productivity

Designed to perform tasks with precision and consistency, robots unlock the potential for higher throughput and reduced cycle times. Increase efficiency, optimize resource utilization, and achieve remarkable productivity gains.

Improve competitiveness

In a dynamic market landscape, making moves to stay competitive is non-negotiable. Robots redefine your advantage by delivering superior performance, quality and efficiency. Position your operation as a leader in the industry, ready to meet the challenges ahead.

Transforming robotics with a unified vision

Machine-Centric Robotics, open robot mechanics and open software platforms – the synergy of B&R's unified vision adds a transformative dimension to the landscape of machine building and production lines. As a foundation of efficient automation, Machine-Centric Robotics blends machinery and robotics to create a harmonious fusion that optimizes performance. Complementing this, open delta mechanics usher in a new era of precision and agility, redefining automation with unmatched speed and precision. Meanwhile, open software platforms ignite a collaborative spark, fostering an ecosystem where innovation knows no bounds. Together, these concepts converge to shape a future where machines and production lines are not just efficient, but adaptive, innovative and future-ready.

Machine-Centric Robotics

Machines and robotics collaborate seamlessly to improve performance and efficiency. Machine builders get their robots and machine control system from a single source. They need only one controller and one engineering system for development, diagnostics and maintenance. This lowers the threshold for those who want to implement robotics.

Machine-Centric Robotics

Open robot mechanics

Codian robot mechanics are synonymous with exceptional performance, boasting unparalleled IP69K hygienic design options and remarkable payload capabilities. Unencumbered by motors or controllers, they integrate effortlessly into any machine and are compatible with multiple control platforms.

Open robot mechanics

Open software platform

With B&R's mapp Robotics, machine builders can take advantage of an open software platform that simplifies complex applications. This innovative approach strikes a balance between streamlining processes and maintaining flexibility, allowing machine builders to seamlessly create customized solutions for diverse requirements.

Open software platform

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