Material Number Description
1A8AMS0000.LU-00 B&R ACOPOS for Simulink for operation at a company site, including a 1 year free maintenance license.
5SWFON.0000-00 B&R Andale/Thorndale Unicode Font CD
5SWFON.0000-10 B&R Arial/Verdana Unicode Font CD
5SWFON.0000-20 Font CD Arial WGL
5SWFON.0001-00 B&R Andale/Thorndale Unicode Font License, only available with a new PC or Power Panel.
5SWFON.0001-10 B&R Arial/Verdana Unicode Font License, only available with a new PC or Power Panel.
5SWFON.0001-20 Font Lizenz Arial WGL
5SWUTI.0001-000 HMI Service Center USB flash drive - Hardware diagnostic software - For APC910/PPC900 - For PPC1200 - For APC2100/PPC2100 - For APC2200/PPC2200 - For APC3100/PPC3100 - For APC mobile - For AP800/AP900 - For AP9x3/AP9xD - For AP1000/AP5000

Thin client software

Operation and monitoring at remote locations

Thin clients are the perfect solution when you want to alternate between using different operating units. B&R Power Panel 300 devices equipped with Windows CE® operating systems are the best suited platform for handling this type of work. The thin clients act as pure input/output units. The applications are executed on the server. The clients themselves are networked with Ethernet TCP/IP in a cost-effective manner.

Remote Desktop Protocol

The convenient B&R configuration package is able to generate industrially useful solutions for both clients and servers from the "Remote Desktop Protocol" standard service. Entering passwords on the clients is not necessary. This is because the preferred client automatically connects to the server upon system startup. The inactive clients display a simple login screen. The application can then be pulled up on the screen using the mouse or keyboard.

Power Panel 300 as thin client

The Power Panel 300 is perfect for use as a thin client due to its nearly maintenance-free construction with no rotating parts, its CompactFlash memory, and the many different display types (up to 15" XGA TFT). While other systems require an expensive operating system on the server for similar solutions, the Windows XP Professional operating system is quite sufficient for this B&R solution.

USB drives on the thin client

If a drive is connected to the client (e.g. a USB flash drive), it it made available to the entire network over Ethernet. The server can also access this remote drive, making it much easier to change or replace machine parameters.

Model number1



Thin Client – client software for Windows CE 4.1, 4.2, 5.0 and 6.0 devices with x86 processors, English.


Thin Client – client software for Windows XP Professional / Embedded, English.

1Only the license sticker is included in delivery. Software is installed together with the necessary operating system when the device is assembled.

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