More than 200 packaging OEMs already rely on automation solutions from B&R. Their inspiring stories speak for themselves: tales of newfound efficiency, flexibility and productivity – and how they've gained that all-important edge in this fiercely competitive industry.

Beverages and liquid food

The VersaFilm shrink bundler from SIDEL Cermex reduces packaging material consumption and achieves 1,000 bottles per minute throughput with over 98% efficiency using a new automation platform based on B&R technology.

KOSME adhesive labelers increase flexibility using electronic cams to control bottle infeed and orientation. Quick changeovers between different bottle formats help their customers spend less time setting up and more time in active production.

OCME demonstrates how to meet evolving consumer expectations with rainbow packs while keeping an eye on sustainability. The machine reduces both energy consumption and packaging material waste with a control and monitoring solution from B&R.

SERAC created Combox, a PET blow molding machine that also fills and caps the bottles – all in one machine. Built around a fully integrated automation solution from B&R, it delivers exceptional performance on a very small footprint.

KRONES shows how to accommodate customer requests by filling, capping and labeling custom orders with complete flexibility. To rearrange and regroup bottles, they used B&R's track technology. Read the full story

Dry food

IMA doubled its tea bag production rate while also enabling multiple formats on one machine. Thanks to B&R's modular software components and simulation in Automation Studio, they did it in record development time. Read the full story 

Lines that fill price-sensitive products like plain yogurt aren't flexible enough for more complex products like pudding with mixed flavors and fancy fillings. Read the full story about how Gasti used motion control from B&R to meet those requirements.

GEA developed a high-speed line for slicing and packaging food products in a challenging washdown environment. The modular B&R automation system makes it easy for GEA to handle customer requests with minimal engineering effort and fast time-to-market.

The case packer from TAVIL erects, fills and closes up to four different sized cases on demand at rates of up to 20 cases per minute. PLC, HMI and motion control from B&R help it change between format recipes in under 4 seconds.

The fully automated horizontal case packer from Christ Packing Systems is more flexible, manageable and user friendly than it could be with a conventional camera system thanks to integrated machine vision from B&R. Read the full story

R. Weiss proves that standardized modular machine components are the key to offering custom solutions that are easy to adapt to constantly evolving demands. A fully integrated, scalable automation solution from B&R made it possible. Read the full story

Packaging machines need to handle shorter product lifecycles, increasing individualization and new packaging materials. Read the full story to learn how Wolf uses B&R technology to transport products with unprecedented flexibility and gentle handling.

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics

This blister line from Mediseal uses encapsulated, reusable hardware and software modules to minimize the cost and effort involved in the customer-specific modifications frequently required in the pharmaceutical industry.

Optima shows how the modularity and scalability of the B&R automation platform helps end users scale their machinery to grow along with their demands and maximize return on investment.

Dividella's high-volume cartoner offers both top-loading and side-loading solutions from a single source. B&R offered the flexibility and modularity Dividella needed, and reduced time-to-market with simulation throughout the engineering process.

IMA PG developed a completely integrated line for both blister packing and case packing. A B&R automation system gives it the precision, speed and accuracy it needs to produce blister packaging with world-class quality.

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