Technology Guarding provides reliable protection for B&R customers' products and know-how. The required USB dongle is installed by B&R during assembly.

With B&R's Technology Guarding, manufacturers of machinery and equipment can reliably safeguard their process data and know-how. They can manage licenses easily and monitor hours of operation reliably.

Technology Guarding offers a way for B&R customers to manage the growing portfolio of options they offer for their machines. On the one hand, equipment owners generally don't want to pay for functions that they won't be using. On the other, the manufacturer of the equipment doesn't want to hand out valuable functionality for free. The result is that options have to be managed on a customer-by-customer basis.

B&R's license management system has the answer. Each customer's licenses are managed on a central license server and implemented on the machine using a USB dongle.

USB dongle included in hardware assembly

Technology Guarding is programmed in Automation Studio and applied to the hardware using a USB dongle. B&R installs the Technology Guarding dongle during hardware assembly, allowing the customer to have components delivered directly to their panel maker. And of course it's no problem if the hardware ever needs to be swapped out in the field. Simply insert the USB dongle in the new component and it immediately resumes its function.

Secure monitoring of operating hours

Technology Guarding helps machinery and equipment builders protect not only their own interests, but those of their customers as well. It is possible, for example, to monitor a machine's hours of operation in a way that cannot be tampered with. This prevents unauthorized products from making their way to the market illegally.

Technology Guarding provides the perfect technical basis for a leasing business model, allowing manufacturers to ensure that operating hours are counted and documented accurately and free from tampering.

  • The advantages
  • Safeguard product know-how and process data
  • Secure monitoring of operating hours
  • Manage machine options efficiently

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