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Web-based HMI made easy

mapp View: where web meets automation

With mapp View, B&R now offers direct access to the wide world of web technology right from the engineering environment. Automation engineers have all the tools they need to create powerful and intuitive HMI solutions. There is no need to deal directly with HTML5, CSS and JavaScript technology.

mapp View relies 100% on web standards to ensure content can be viewed optimally on any output device or even customized for specific users or user groups.

Working in a familiar environment

What makes mapp View unique is the way it integrates web technology right into the engineering environment. While mapp View is built on HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, automation programmers never need to deal with these languages.

Reusable elements

All GUI functionality is encapsulated in modular control elements called widgets, which are simply dragged and dropped into place and configured. Since content and layout are separated, designs can be adjusted at any time or even used on other machines.

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