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New mapp component for database interfaces

B&R optimizes data management with the mapp Technology software toolbox

It is now easier than ever to implement databases in applications. With mapp Database, it is possible to archive data directly from the field level to a database, regardless of whether that database is located on site or in the cloud. This drastically simplifies the management of large volumes of data.

Data archiving directly from the controller

Manufacturing machinery generates huge volumes of data, which must then be visualized, archived or passed on to higher-level systems. Giving mapp functions a database interface makes it possible to send data directly from the controller to databases, where it can be processed or archived. Commonly used database functions, such as stored procedures, allow KPIs to be generated as needed, resulting in a cockpit for optimizing manufacturing processes.

Consistent exchange of data

mapp Database can be connected to any mapp component that saves or reads data. Instead of generating individual files for alarm lists, process values and audit events, all data is sent automatically via mapp Links to a database where it can be easily managed.

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