The new ACOPOStrak Designer software makes planning and testing an intelligent ACOPOStrak track system child's play. With a single software tool, designers can now configure the track layout in 3D and then test and evaluate individual shuttles and numerous other parameters. The simulation options provided in ACOPOStrak Designer help minimize programming overhead, reduce energy consumption and boost throughput.

Despite the highly complex calculations that occur in the background, ACOPOStrak Designer is straightforward and intuitive to use. The simulation behaves exactly like a real ACOPOStrak system. It provides the user with important information, such as how fast shuttles will be able to accelerate or approach curves in the track. This makes it possible to determine how many shuttles to use and the speed at which they will deliver the highest productivity.

Simple and user-friendly simulation

ACOPOStrak Designer is a fast and easy way to perform sizing for an ACOPOStrak system. The entire conceptual design can be completed in a single user-friendly tool without any programming. Once the configuration is complete, it can easily be exported to Automation Studio for further development. Specific shuttle movements can be programmed using the ready-made components of mapp Trak.

ACOPOStrak Designer makes it easy to design the perfect track layout. Specific shuttle movements are programmed in Automation Studio. Together with ACOPOStrak Designer they are then simulated and optimized.

Test every option

In order to calculate and visualize contact forces and shuttle movements, ACOPOStrak Designer provides mechanical design functionality. The analysis can be used to calculate maximum attainable speeds and payloads. This lets users check the fundamental feasibility of their ACOPOStrak system, forecast throughput and rule out potential hazards right from the start. The ability to accurately simulate the entire track system makes it possible to test and evaluate countless different layouts and scenarios and to identify which configuration is the most efficient.

Optimize energy consumption

ACOPOStrak Designer can also be used to evaluate the system's thermal behavior and cooling needs. It calculates the amount of heat generated by each track segment. To optimize energy consumption, the average energy requirements are calculated during constant shuttle movement to identify peak temperatures. This makes it clear where water-cooled track segments can help further increase throughput. The power supply can then be planned and designed accordingly. The result is a reduction in the machine's overall energy consumption.

  • Highlights
  • Conceptual design with zero programming
  • Accurate simulation and testing in 3D
  • Optimized energy efficiency
  • Maximized productivity
  • Easy export to Automation Studio

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