New widgets for well-designed HMI

B&R is continually expanding the selection of modular control elements offered in mapp View. Called widgets, these elements are conveniently dragged and dropped into place and then configured. B&R will be presenting numerous new widgets at the 2016 SPS IPC Drives trade show, with around 100 more to follow over the course of 2017.

  • Highlights
  • Faster development of HMI applications
  • Clear user interface
  • Easy customization

Charts and graphs are a popular way to visualize machine data. The new mapp View widget for advanced reporting services provides an easy way to include various types of charts and graphs in your HMI application.

Available types include line, bar, pie and donut – each available in either 2D or 3D. They provide a clear real-time overview of important data and KPIs. Based on HTML5, mapp View chart and graph widgets can optionally be animated. Users simply touch a section of an animated widget to zoom in for additional information. HMI developers can implement these features without any programming whatsoever. All they have to do is define which data should be used.

To each his own dashboard

When creating an HMI application with mapp View, it is possible to define which data will be visible to which users. It is even possible to create entire pages dedicated to a specific user group, or role. Additionally, users will now be able to design their own personal dashboards.

They simply select the desired content and position it on the HMI page via drag-and-drop. The number and size of displayed elements can be adapted flexibly to provide each user with a dashboard that perfectly meets their needs.

Drag-and-drop sequences

Modular production lines with frequent changeovers present a difficult challenge for developers of application software. The ability to freely configure sequences with a new mapp View widget promises to make things substantially easier.

During programming, mechatronic units are defined that correspond to the various modules and functions of the machine. At runtime, the operator then simply drags and drops the individual steps into place to create the desired sequence. Steps can be linked in series or in parallel as needed. Before the sequence is started, the machine software verifies that it is technically feasible. This process offers maximum flexibility for modular machinery and processes.

Programming in the HMI application

With the new full text editor widget, simple algorithms or entire robotics/CNC applications can be programmed in Structured Text right on the HMI screen – at runtime and without having to use a software development tool. The editor provides convenient features such as autocomplete.

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