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mapp Motion offers uniform access to all areas of motion control technology. The complete package comprises mapp components for easy creation of single-axis (mapp Axis), CNC (mapp CNC) and robotics (mapp Robotics) applications. As a member of the mapp software family, the motion control components can be combined with any other mapp components and are easy to configure. All B&R servo drives can be used with mapp Motion.

Users benefit from faster and easier development, commissioning and maintenance. Basic functions are already implemented in the components and only need to be configured for the application. The programming interfaces are implemented by mapp Motion independent of hardware and technology. Recurring positioning sequences or different machine variants can use the same application program, regardless of the hardware used.

A complete package for all applications 

mapp Motion offers uniform access to all areas of motion control technology. B&R provides mapp components for the simple creation of single-axis (mapp Axis), CNC (mapp CNC) and robotics applications (mapp Robotics).

mapp Axis – Single-axis positioning made easy

Applications for the positioning of individual axes are quick and easy to develop using mapp Axis. It provides practical, user-friendly access and ready-made software components for creating applications.
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mapp CNC – Flexible. Integrated. Comprehensive.

mapp CNC simplifies the implementation of CNC axes in manufacturing systems, making CNC applications easier to create and deploy. Developers can draw from a wide range of tools for all types of CNC kinematics:
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mapp Robotics – Robotics has never been so easy

mapp Robotics simplifies the use of robots in manufacturing. It provides an array of tools and functions that allow application developers to create and deploy all types of kinematic systems with minimal effort.
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mapp Trak – Simple and fast production with ACOPOStrak

The mapp Trak system software simplifies development of applications for the ACOPOStrak track system and optimizes time to market for new products. It prevents shuttles from colliding, crossing virtual barriers or violating configurable speed limits.
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