Commissioning and diagnostics for the digital revolution

mapp Cockpit provides a convenient single point of access for machine commissioning and diagnostics. Built on web-based mapp View HMI technology, mapp Cockpit works on any hardware platform with a standard browser. Powerful, standardized tools at your fingertips make it easy to get your machine up and running, or get answers quickly if it's not behaving as expected. Enjoy reduced downtime and streamlined commissioning and support.

Efficiency boost for technicians and machines 

Simplifiy workflows

A state-of-the-art user experience helps you complete your work in fraction of the time. All your tools in one place and nothing in your way.

React quickly

One point of access for comprehensive diagnostics. The knowledge you need, when you need it. React fast and minimize unproductive downtime.

Optimize efficiency

Advanced analytics help you fine tune machine performance. Take a deep dive into the details and get the most out of your system.

Window to the future

mapp Cockpit is the future of machine deployment and diagnostics. Enjoy it today, and reap the benefits long into the future.

Interact with other mapp Technology functions


In the intuitive mapp Cockpit interface, users can control motion axes and execute control commands at the push of a button.


A single point of access to all the parameters and settings of your automation components. Easily set up your machine with access to everything from movement profiles to advanced parametrization. Everything you need to configure your system, all in one place.


Helpful graphics show how automation components react to control commands in real-time. Conduct advanced analysis and compare any two physical values with XY Chart widget. Easily export data and send it to the machine builder for analysis.


The Loop Optimizer tool guides you intuitively through identification, tuning and verification. Optimize precision and dynamics for all types of closed-loop systems and gain a competitive edge in control performance.

mapp Cockpit in action

Here are just a few of the ways mapp Cockpit can make your everyday work easier:

Commission a robot

  • Commission a complex motion system from a single location
  • Homing, calibration, teach-in
  • All from an intuitive interface that makes complex tasks feel easy

Tune a temperature control system

  • Easily configure dynamic temperature control zones for maximum performance
  • Fine tune the system with intuitive graphical assistance
  • Guided step-by-step through a standardized process

Perform remote diagnostics

  • Access the web-based mapp Cockpit dashboard from anywhere
  • View the status of any component, perform a trace, and much more

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