mapp Technology's simplified three-tier licensing model streamlines field upgrades while keeping logistics simple. With no required licensing for basic applications, you can get started right away using ready-made mapp components to implement alarm and recipe handling, basic motion control operations, and more.


  • Essential functionality for simple applications
  • No license required



  • Enhanced functionality
  • Cover the majority of required functionality for typical applications
  • License required per target system



  • Complete functionality for any application
  • Guarantees that future innovations are already covered
  • License required per target system

A Starter package provides an array of frequently used functions free of charge, making it easy to implement alarm and recipe handling and basic motion control functions or create HMI applications using essential mapp View widgets. A Premium package opens up access to an even broader selection of mapp components and covers the vast majority of user applications. For those who want ultimate peace of mind, and Ultimate package provides access to every single mapp component B&R offers.

Easily tailor your package to the needs of your application by choosing the package level you need for each mapp Technology package. For example: Select a Starter package for mapp Motion to get the most commonly used motion control functions and a Premium package for mapp View to access the full selection of HMI widgets.

Easy field upgrades

No more hardware dongles to manage licenses in the field! That means minimal administrative overhead during initial implementation and over the entire life of your application. If a future upgrade adds new functionality that would require an additional license, simply install the new software and be done. There's no need to load new licenses onto a dongle and send a technician to replace it in the field.


  • Streamlined structure
  • Basic functionality free
  • No more license dongles

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