Software components for service functions

With mapp Services, B&R offers modular software components that handle the basic functions of machinery and equipment. The components of mapp Services help you program faster: Implement functions such as automated text messaging and handling of machine options in a fraction of the time. How? mapp Technology software components are preprogrammed and thoroughly tested – ready to use with just a few configurations by the developer. Enjoy exceptional convenience and benefit from enormous time savings!

More time for what counts 

Save time

PDF reporting, OEE analysis, alarm systems and much more – all just a mouse click away with mapp Services.

Gain time for innovation

With mapp Technology, you can stop wasting time on generic functionality and focus on the value-adding processes that drive your competitive edge.

Lower lifecycle costs

Benefit from a constantly growing range of functions. New and existing mapps are completely interoperable. Leave the software maintenance up to B&R.

Design modular machines

The software components of mapp Services communicate with each other automatically. Add new functions without new programming.

mapp Services – Added value for your machine 

Full-featured alarm system with mapp AlarmX

mapp AlarmX is a modular, full-featured alarm system. The controller registers alarms with microsecond accuracy and can forward them on to other systems. Alarms can trigger actions such as opening a PDF file, playing an instructional video or displaying a virtual model of the machine with the location of the fault highlighted. These options all accelerate troubleshooting and boost productivity.

Boost overall equipment effectiveness with mapp OEE

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can be calculated and compared for individual machines, plant components or across entire factories. View shift-by-shift results on the integrated HMI screens or export them to a PDF or Excel file. Identify weaknesses at a glance and implement targeted measures to boost productivity.

Manage energy data easily with mapp Energy

All axes, robots and other mechatronic units consume energy. mapp Energy automatically collects this data for the entire machine via mapp Links and displays it in a clear overview on the HMI screen. Consumption can easily be converted to cost, based on current local prices. mapp Energy helps optimize the efficiency of processes and save production costs.

Master machine variants with mapp CodeBox

With mapp CodeBox, you can program options in ladder logic without affecting the machine's primary application. The OEM can decide which data, functions and variables can be accessed via mapp CodeBox. mapp CodeBox is an HTML5 application and can run on any browser-enabled device. A powerflow visualization provides support for diagnostics and maintenance. Ladder programs can be saved, subjected to version control and transferred to other machines.

Add I/O modules with mapp IO

mapp IO lets you add I/O modules to your machine at runtime. No engineering tools are required – even if you're adding safety I/O modules. With mapp IO, you can generate I/O configurations directly from an ERP or order management system. This greatly simplifies the task of managing variants of machinery and equipment. Additional variants and options are configured directly on the machine using mapp IO and then programmed using mapp CodeBox.

Integrated audit functions with mapp Audit

Applications subject to the FDA's Title 21 CFR Part 11 requirements can be developed faster and with less investment risk using mapp Audit. All user actions are logged with a timestamp and username. The data can be exported as an encrypted PDF. No organizational measures are required to prevent tampering on the control system. There is no need to write a program for the audit trail function – simply configure the necessary parameters.

Use cases: mapp Services in action

Here are just a few of the ways mapp Services can make your everyday work easier:

Add machine options at runtime

  • With mapp IO you can add I/O modules at runtime.
  • With mapp CodeBox you can program a new machine option in ladder diagram directly on the machine.
  • Commission the new machine option without ever having to touch the original machine software.

Alarm notifications via text message

  • The machine shuts down due to a temperature violation. mapp AlarmX logs the event as an alarm.
  • Since it has been configured to notify the service technician in the event of a stoppage, mapp AlarmX forwards the alarm info to mapp Tweet.
  • mapp Tweet sends an SMS text message to the service technician who can solve the problem.

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