Together with B&R's fully integrated vision solution, the mapp Vision software package makes machine vision applications much easier to create, maintain and diagnose.

The full range of mapp Vision functionality is available with the upgrade to Automation Studio 4.7. When the Technology Package is installed, the correct firmware is automatically installed on all required components. This simplifies configuration considerably and prevents errors.

B&R has integrated the HALCON machine vision library from MVTec into mapp Vision. The well proven algorithms enable robust, high-performance solutions for position detection, completeness inspection, quality evaluation, measuring and identification.

B&R has encapsulated these algorithms in machine vision functions that are as powerful as they are easy to configure. A wide range of tasks can be implemented without even writing a single line of code.

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  • Preconfigured functions
  • State-of-the-art image processing algorithms
  • Easy configuration

Easy commissioning 


mapp Vision can handle more than 40 different code types, including all the most common 1D and 2D codes. In addition to position and orientation information, the software also provides information for quality evaluation of the codes – according to the criteria of ISO 15415/15416 with extended grading information. This allows processes to be adapted on the fly – for example to account for printed codes that fade over time. The function is self-optimizing and enables reliable results even at very high speeds.

OCR reading

The integrated character recognition function works with a deep learning algorithm. The OCR function is therefore very reliable and enables high-speed reading even with poor image quality or difficult characters, such as dot matrix fonts. The easy-to-use interface simplifies implementation of OCR applications.

Blob analysis

With mapp Vision, surface recognition goes far beyond simply counting pixels of a region. In addition to determining the size of the detected area and the position of its geometric center with micropixel precision, the function also provides information on its orientation and mean gray value. Blob analysis can therefore be used for a variety of tasks, such as position detection, measurement, counting or color recognition.


The matching function easily identifies objects, their position and orientation. In addition to edge-based matching, a correlation-based variant is also available. The flexible configuration options make it possible to reliably detect objects with even when imaged at different scales. Matching not only provides the position and orientation of the object, but also the type of model found and the quality of the match.

Measurement (Metrology)

mapp Vision provides a powerful and highly accurate measurement instrument. Edges along lines or circle segments are measured with subpixel accuracy. This makes it possible to precisely determine distances and radii for quality control or for positioning and tracking tasks in mechanical gripping systems.

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