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B&R's new machine vision system is fully integrated in its mapp Technology software environment. Project development, control and diagnostics are all handled in mapp, making it easy to implement and link with other mapp functions.

Functions like image capture and triggering are part of the machine application. They can be synchronized just as easily and precisely as I/O signals and axis movements. With the ready-made software components of mapp Vision, it's simply a matter of configuring the links between the individual functions. There's no need for the programming work that would traditionally be necessary.

Data such as position and orientation is available as real-time variables in the machine application without time-consuming mapping. With only a few clicks, images from the machine vision system can be integrated in the mapp View HMI application.

Integrating lighting control into the machine application is just as easy. External lighting is simply assigned to a camera in the software. The control of the light is automatically synchronized with the recording of the image.

  • Highlights
  • Integrated with other mapp components
  • Easy programming
  • Easy commissioning
  • Easy diagnostics

Easy commissioning

Vision functions can be preconfigured during development in Automation Studio. A large portion of the engineering work can be done in the office using saved images. Fine tuning is then performed directly on the machine HMI in mapp Cockpit, mapp's intuitive diagnostics and commissioning tool. There's no need for a special development tool.

Any parameters that need to be changed on the machine can easily be transferred back to the development project. The parameters from the machine application and development project are shown side by side in a comparison overview. Any differences are highlighted, and the operator can simply select in which direction to apply the changes.

All of the relevant parameters for camera and lighting can be adjusted at runtime using recipes. This makes it possible to adapt the color, angle and focal point of the light bars to different batches of products.

Automatic networking

Different products often require different settings for camera and lighting to achieve optimal results. The link between the mapp Recipe recipe management system and mapp Vision makes it easy to meet this requirement. A product recipe also includes the correct camera and lighting parameters, so they are applied automatically.

To ensure that only authorized operators are able to change the parameters of the machine vision system, mapp Vision can be linked to the user management system, mapp User. This makes it possible to define which user roles are permitted to make which changes, and to save a log in the mapp Audit system that documents what changes have been made and by whom.

Embedded in the HMI

Captured images and image processing results can be integrated into the web-based HMI application using mapp View.

The HMI application can be viewed on a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone.

A selection of ready-made HMI components, known as widgets, is available for machine vision functions. The ability to overlay detected objects on top of the captured image, for example, makes it easy to check whether the machine application is working as expected – substantially accelerating both development and commissioning.

Once the machine is operational, it is possible to highlight which of the identified objects in the captured image will be used for subsequent processing steps. This could include objects, for example, that that are only permitted to be further processed if limit values are not violated. Additional information such as position and orientation can either be overlayed on top of the image, or displayed off-frame.

Like all of its automation products, B&R's machine vision system is programmed using the ready-made components of mapp Technology. The resulting application covers everything from process control and motion to machine vision and HMI.

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