Easy command of advanced control

All control functions – from a basic PID controller to a highly complex crane or hydraulics controller – are accessed via a uniform, easy-to-use interface with mapp Control. This makes creating applications with mapp Control substantially easier and faster.

Increase your productivity

Benefit from advanced technologies

mapp Control encapsulates flexible control algorithms in easy-to-use software components.

Utilize the maximum potential

With mapp Control, you can run your application closer to the physical limits and increase the productivity of your machine or plant.

Faster to market with digital twins

The simulation options of mapp Control simplify development and accelerate commissioning.

Self-optimizing controllers

Adaptive controllers, autotuning and virtual sensing help optimize control parameters and fine tune them during operation.

mapp Control – Added value for your machine 

mapp Control Tools

Advanced control algorithms play a decisive role in the added value that machines provide. The mapp Control Tools package provides a wide range of basic functions for closed-loop control and signal processing. PID controllers with tuning functions, low-pass filters, Kalman filters and components for profile generation can all be used to maximize innovation potential with the help of customized control solutions.

mapp Crane

mapp Crane provides closed-loop control solutions for cranes with suspended loads. To operate such systems efficiently, the motion control system needs to compensate for the tendency of the load to oscillate. This prevents the formation of uncontrolled sway and skew oscillations. Payloads can be delivered more quickly while at the same time improving safety for both humans and materials. Potential applications include overhead bridge (OHB), rail-mounted gantry (RMG) and ship-to-shore (STS) cranes.

mapp Hydraulics

mapp Hydraulics components provide easier access to advanced closed-loop control functions and assist developers in the design, simulation, virtual commissioning and diagnosis of hydraulic systems. Innovative autotuning functions make it easy to determine the optimal controller parameters for any combination of pumps, valves and cylinders. A hydraulic axis can also be effortlessly integrated in a CNC axis group together with electrical axes.

mapp Plastics

mapp Plastics provides technology functions for plastics processing. For example, there are easy-to-use components that generate target profiles for clamping units, injection pistons, ejectors and more. Additional special-purpose functions are also available, such as mold protection for the clamping unit, switching and dwell pressure during injection and a closed control loop for back pressure during plasticizing.

mapp Temperature

High-performance temperature control solutions like those required for extrusion or thermoforming are especially challenging to develop. This is particularly true when the requirements include autotuning, zone-synchronized heating curves, minimal overshoot or energy-optimized operating modes. mapp Temperature provides functions for optimal control of temperature processes. Run machines closer to the physical limits.

mapp Web Handling

mapp Web Handling is used on machines with continuous webs, such as printing, packaging and textile processing machines. mapp Web Handling allows for maximum productivity with minimum waste and includes all necessary technologies. Winder or transport axis, dancer or tension control – every aspect of web handling can be configured and implemented using mapp components.

Use cases: mapp Control in action 

Optimized injection molding process with simulation and autotuning

The autotuning function of the hydraulic controller ensures optimal configuration of the hydraulic pressure controller on the servo pump of an injection molding machine.

The temperature controller can be switched to simulation mode to simulate the temperature of a particular zone. This means that the application software can be developed and tested without the actual temperature unit.

Custom packaging processes with a modular software toolbox

Packaging processes require customized open- and closed-loop control solutions to ensure optimal process execution. With the mapp Control Tools functions, users can implement all types of control loops, generate profiles or carry out simple statistical evaluations. This gives machine manufacturers the opportunity to generate unique selling points.

Perfect print quality with virtual sensing

With mapp Web Handling's virtual sensor, damage to the guide rollers on a printing press can be detected. The damage can be repaired before any major impacts to the print quality occur.

Simulation on all levels 

B&R offers interfaces for simulation tools at all levels. mapp Control functions can be combined with development tools such as MapleSim or industrialPhysics to perform hardware-in-the-loop simulation or virtual commissioning.

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