Robotics application in just a few clicks

Robotics applications can be created without any knowledge of specific robotics languages. The user has access to all the familiar machine programming languages like Ladder Diagram, Structured Text and C/C++.

  • Highlights
  • No specialist knowledge required
  • Ready-made software components
  • Familiar development environment

B&R provides pre-configured software modules that make robotics functions even more accessible and robotics applications even easier to create. B&R's mapp Robotics includes standard functions for control and commissioning as well as advanced functions such as feed-forward control, compressor and workspace monitoring. The user can implement complex and highly dynamic applications without having to write countless lines of code.

Seamless links between mapp Robotics and other mapp components like those for user management, alarms and web-based HMI help to shorten development times dramatically. Even safe robotics applications are easy and straightforward to implement.

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