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Come visit us at bauma in Munich!

Advanced automation solutions for mobile machinery

At bauma, stop by Hall A2, Booth 127 to experience the modularity and safety of our complete solutions for mobile equipment. Discover our expanded portfolio, including option boards for condition monitoring, new operator panels and the X90 controller with integrated safety technology.

B&R solutions allow automation concepts for construction equipment and municipal vehicles as well as for agriculture and forestry applications to be implemented easier than ever. Customers benefit from an easy-to-use development environment, high-performance real-time operating system and ready-made software components.

Here's what you can expect to see at the B&R booth at bauma in Munich!

Develop software 3 times faster with mapp Technology

mapp Technology is revolutionizing the development of application software in the field of automation. Visit us at bauma in Munich to learn more about our modular software components. Our software components simplify the development of new programs and accelerate the development time for new machines and systems by a factor of three.

How is that possible? mapp streamlines implementation of frequently recurring programming tasks for basic machine functionality by providing thoroughly tested ready-made software components. Programmers can then concentrate on their main task: Implementing automation processes in the application software.

Load balancing

Multi-axis function

Serial kinematics

Compaction control

Boundary control

Active damping

Anti-swing control

Hydraulic control

A universal engineering tool for all tasks

Automation Studio is B&R's integrated software development environment with tools for all phases of a project. Controllers, drives, communication equipment and HMI devices can all be configured in one environment. That reduces both integration time and maintenance costs when developing new construction machinery. Automation Studio allows PLC programming in all IEC 61131-3 languages, in CFC and C, as well as object-oriented programming in C++. This allows developers to work in the language they prefer. Stop by our booth at bauma for a more detailed explanation of what Automation Studio can do for you.

Tests on real heavy machinery are costly and time consuming. With machinery growing more complex by the day, the topic of simulation is rapidly gaining significance. B&R provides the tools you need with MATLAB/Simulink and MapleSim.

Safety for construction vehicles

How do manufacturers of mobile machinery know which safety requirements apply? First, they must determine whether their application falls under the jurisdiction of the European Machinery Directive. The Machinery Directive requires the manufacturer to carry out a hazard analysis and risk assessment based on a risk graph in order to determine the necessary level for the safety function.

Read more on the topic of safety in the above report, and stop by the B&R booth at bauma to learn how you can profit from our many years of proven performance in industrial safety technology.

Modular X90 control and I/O system

B&R continues to open up new possibilities in mobile automation with its modular X90 control and I/O system. The system’s comprehensive set of standardized components is perfect for implementing flexible automation concepts. B&R will be presenting its modular control solution with integrated safety technology at this year's bauma in Munich.

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24/7 machine availability

Unscheduled downtime is extremely costly for operators of construction equipment. These costs can be reduced by applying modern approaches to analytics and maintenance. B&R's option board for condition monitoring utilizes vibration data to provide early warning of damage. At bauma in Munich, learn more about condition monitoring and how it can help optimize the maintenance of your construction equipment.

For more on condition monitoring, read our report:

Diagnostic information available any time

B&R automation solutions offer numerous features for diagnostics and service. An integrated tool allows you to view diagnostic information about all B&R hardware on any device with a web browser or via a remote maintenance connection.

B&R’s Secure Remote Maintenance solution makes it easy to service machines and commercial vehicles anywhere in the world from your office or on the road. This remote solution makes it easy to quickly respond to unforeseen problems and accelerates commissioning. As a result, the capacity utilization rate of the system is maximized.

One partner – One solution

B&R's slogan is its mission. The pursuit of Perfection in Automation has inspired and guided B&R for over 35 years. For the company, this means developing lasting relationships with our customers, partners, employees and suppliers based on a foundation of mutual trust and measurable benefits as well as developing the best industrial automation solutions. B&R currently employs over 3000 workers and with over 180 offices worldwide is never far away.

B&R offers complete automation solutions for mobile machinery
At our bauma booth, B&R experts will be happy to show you one-on-one all the hardware and software we offer for construction equipment, and what your complete solution might look like. The video below shows the enormous potential of successful partnership.

The Austrian company Benzberg has teamed up with B&R to automate its high-tech trailer. Highlights include automatic steering and hydrostatic transmission. Automatic slope compensation adjusts the trailer bed horizontally to prevent payload from being lost. The trailer position and the payload weight are available online.

High speed for mobile equipment

Today's mobile equipment continues to push the limits of conventional bus technology, which fails to offer the performance or bandwidth that state-of-the-art automation solutions demand.

POWERLINK offers the required performance and bandwidth and is based on CANopen mechanisms. It is a real-time capable and hardware-independent open source protocol and provides a smooth transition for converting construction and agricultural equipment to an industrial Ethernet solution.


Through its membership in organizations relevant for mobile automation, B&R actively participates in further developing technology and providing innovation for the industry.

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