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B&R is expanding its mobile automation portfolio with two new option boards for the X90 controller. They make it possible to connect stepper motors and IO-Link sensors. There are also new software functions available for the controller. They can be used to do things like measure resistance. The available PWM outputs allow configuration of dither and H bridge functions.

  • Highlights
  • IO-Link master for intelligent sensor connections
  • Integrated stepper motor control
  • Easy temperature measurement

Intelligent sensor connections with IO-Link

B&R is expanding its portfolio of option boards for mobile automation to include an IO-Link master module for communication with up to four intelligent IO-Link sensors. This bidirectional digital communication interface allows IO-Link to exchange parameter data and diagnostic information, thus making it possible to intelligently connect sensors and switching devices to the X90 controller. This makes IO-Link the ideal addition to real-time Ethernet POWERLINK and to CAN-based networks.

Direct control of stepper motors

With the X90 module, B&R is expanding its product range to include an additional X90 option board for direct control of stepper motors. No external hardware is required. Unique on the market, the option board can be used to operate two stepper motors with operating voltages from 9 to 48 VDC at nominal currents up to 4 A.

Expanded I/O driver functionality

The functionality of the I/O driver is being expanded to measure resistance from 0-50 kΩ. This makes it possible to measure temperature without the use of option boards. It also allows direct control of DC motors via an H bridge circuit. To improve controllability of hydraulic valves, the PWM fundamental frequency of 1 kHz will be raised to 4 kHz. The dither function is easy to configure.

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