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Motion control

B&R's motion control technology melds seamlessly into its overall automation system – along with machine control, HMI and safety technology – to create a complete system solution for machines and equipment. Our motion control components are fully interoperable, so individual devices can be swapped out at any time to adapt to changes in the machine's configuration or requirements.

Safety and flexibility are our guiding principles: Our servo drives and inverter modules are equipped with hardwired or integrated safety technology, which allows intelligent responses to hazardous situations. In addition to minimizing downtime, this also boosts machine output substantially. B&R servo technology is perfectly suited to both centralized and distributed architectures. The portfolio includes a drive solution for any situation, whether inside the control cabinet or mounted directly on the machine.

Choose from a broad spectrum of motors, gearboxes and motor-gearbox assemblies. B&R develops its components to meet the specific needs of both standard and specialty machinery in a wide range of industries – from metalworking to food and beverage. Select from our selected list of standard motors for exceptionally fast delivery.



Innovative and efficient gearboxes stand up to the highest demands:

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