Highest possible dynamics and performance

The motors in the 8LVA series offer the user the greatest possible freedom in machine design through maximum power density.

  • High overload capability and low cogging
  • Power range up to 1 kW for 80 VDC and 320 VDC DC bus voltage
  • Self-locking connector system
  • Robust, industrial-strength connector with optimal EMC shielding
  • 300° swivel double angular built-in connector and single-cable solution (hybrid)

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High-precision synchronization and precise positioning

The motors of the 8WSA series make it possible to implement servo applications that require high-precision synchronization and precise positioning in the smallest of spaces.

  • Ultra compact and highly dynamic
  • Power range from 7 to 205 watts for 60 VDC DC bus voltage
  • Robust industrial connectors with optimal EMC shielding
  • Pre-assembled hybrid motor cable permanently connected to the motor
  • Size 4 (ø 40 mm) optionally available in hygienic design with IP69K protection

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