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Smart Display Link 3


Revolutionary cabling

Smart Display Link 3 transmission technology offers clear advantages for constructing modular machines and systems.

The third generation represents a new chapter in the success story of this digital display transmission technology. Smart Display Link's unsurpassed convenience is owed to two key advantages: complete independence from the operating system being used and the ability to connect the PC to the operator panel using only a single cable.


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Simple wiring

These types of solutions used to require a thin client with a complete PC design. This not only took up more space, but was also dependent on the software and operating system being used. On top of that were the added costs of the PC architecture.

The modular design of the Automation PC 910 and Automation Panel allows them to be equipped with an optional SDL3 interface.

Up to 100 m

What's new about SDL3 is its ability to span much greater distances. This allows for optimal placement of Automation PCs and operator panels even on more expansive systems. A second highlight of SDL3 is its use of standard Ethernet cables, which drastically reduce cable costs over longer distances.

The thin cable and slim RJ45 connector are a perfect fit in tight situations such as feed-through openings and support arm systems.

SDL3 100m

SDL3 technology

  • SDL3 transmits all communication channels between PC and panel via a standard Ethernet cable.
  • Up to 100 m
  • Independent of operating system and software
  • Simplified cabling
  • Small connector – also suitable for tight feed-throughs
  • No need for a CPU in the panel
  • No load on the PC system
  • Optimal graphics performance
  • Long-term availability

Continuity over many years

This modularity, which can be traced back to the very first Automation Panels introduced to the market ten years ago, even makes it easy to upgrade existing machines and systems to SDL3, for example during retrofitting. An optional SDL3 Converter is also available on the PC side so that the SDL interface on the Automation PC 810 or Panel PCs can be upgraded to SDL3. It doesn't matter which type of touch screen technology is used, because Automation Panels with either analog resistive single-touch screens or projected capacitive multi-touch screens can both be operated via SDL3. This kind of flexibility is unique on the market.

SDL3 Kabel mit Daten
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